Levi’s 2007 Collection Launch Ad: Dangerous Liaisons


According to Digital Arts, this Dangerous Liaisons ad was launched somewhere in mid-Feb of 2007.



Here’s the genius team behind it:

Agency: BBH, London
Creative Director: Caroline Pay
Agency Producer: Davud Karbassioun
Art Director: Steve Wakelam (art direction), Dean Wei (typography)


Production Company: Rattling Stick 
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Producer: Sally Humphries
DP: Alwin Kuchler
Post Production: The Mill, London
Audio Post: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave Studios, London
Offline Editor: Richard Orrick @ Work Post Production, London

Music: “Strange Love” by Little Annie (see below)
Filming location: Prague

The cast:
Male character: Raphaël Personnaz
Female character: Léa Seydoux




Levi’s Europe website  used to have the making of Dangerous Liaisons posted up, but unfortunately when I check today, they had already taken it down.

Pity, because it was enjoyable to hear what the people at bbh had to say. Luckily, I – the ever conscientious student (not) – had taken down some notes. Here’s what some of them had to say:

 Nigle Bogle (CEO of bbh):

“This campaign is about the new seasonal looks at .. . showcasing in a way that acknowledges it’s coming from the Original. This is what we are as Levi’s, we’re not trying to be anybody else…”

Caroline Pay (Creative Director):

“Receiving a brief for a campaign is always exciting. The times when you get a Levi’s brief, you times that by ten.”

The brief given was described as “two-fold”: Making original people feel great in Levi’s and reinstate Levi’s as the original jeans. bbh aimed for the big thought that Levi’s could have that would run for the next 5 , 10 years.

They hit on the idea of a simple time travel story that would show the history of Levi’s, but still keeping it “sexy, playful, fun” – important aspects in the Levi’s brand.






STRANGE LOVE by Little Annie

The soundtrack for Levi’s Dangerous Liaisons is “Strange Love’ from Little Annie’s Durtro Jnana album ‘Songs from the Coal Mine Canary’ .

Little Annie Songs from the Coalmine Canary at Amazon.com

Strange Love

by Little Annie and Antony Hegarty

Once I had a strange love,
a mad sort of insane love,
a love so fast and fierce,
I thought that I would die.

Yes once I had a strange love,
a pure but very pain love,
a love that burned like fire through a field.

And once I had a strange love,
a publicly acclaimed love,
the kind of love as seen in magazines.

And once I had a strange love,
a beautiful and vain love,
a love I think that’s better left in dreams.

Strangers love,
Strangers love

And once I had a strange love,
A morally inflamed love,
We’d go on holy battles in the night.

And then there was that strange love,
that vulgar and profane love,
the kind of love that we don’t talk about.

Yes once I had a strange love,
a lying infidel love,
who wove in stories like Scheherazade.

And once I had a strange love,
a flaky white kiki love,
we ran so fast
we almost spilled our guts.

You see I’ve had some strange love,
some good, some bad, some plain love,
some so so love,
so what?
and c’est la vie

But just let me proclaim love
that out of all this strange love
You’re the strangest love I’ve ever known.

The short 10 minute presentation I totally burnt midnight oil for!




Song lyrics taken from Duncan McLeod’s TV Ad Land.
Thanks Duncan!