The last poster I did for früjch.  Feeling the definition of bittersweet. Always thought it was a sappy word, but am feeling it now…Sappy me.

This poster began as wanting to do something colourful to cap off the final day of früjch and being visually-loud enough to grab attention the heap of emailers that all SMU students receive each day. My Adobe PS was also going wonky on me, so decided to try something new that day. Something that required as little PS-ing as possible!  


Besides, weird as it might sound, I genuinely do like tearing and pasting scraps together. I find it highly therapeutic. It’s also what I always do to wrap presents. I think my friends have come to expect / resigned themselves to that as my de rigueur wrapping paper. But that’s another story.


 Started off with a blank sheet of A4 paper and my favourite stack of CATALOG & JUICE to rip into (how convenient we got them delivered to früjch eh! Happy days!).


The thing about sticking + scrapping (or whatever it’s called. Calling it “scrapbooking” seems inappropriate since I’m not making a book. “Collage”? Perhaps. Alright, let’s call it “collaging”) is that it’s a trial-and-error process.


 Sometimes you think a scrap is going to look good, but when you juxtapose it against the next scrap, it doesn’t work. You’ve already stuck it on? Doesn’t matter, just stick the next piece over. The more pieces the more textured the feel and the greater it looks. Of course, that’s provided you don’t make a gazillion mistakes. Then you might as well throw the piece into the recycling bin or use it as a pillow.


Lots of fun to work with different materials as well. Brought in some thread, graph paper and a ballpoint and started doodling the words out. Ah yes, the title “Früjch Me Baby One Last Time” is courtesy of JonnyBaBonny once again, from the ever-surviving (what did Shal say Trent called her again?….Ah yes,) Brit-Brit.


I usually use sequins, buttons, markers, crayons, twine, ribbons and rubber stamps too, but some were too chromosome XX, while others I just didn’t have the time to dig out : I remember I had 8.30am class the next day and it was already 11.30pm.


Once all was done, I stuck it onto the scanner, adjusted it to the max dpi for sharpness and pressed the button. It’s amazing how fun the scanner can be. Only downside is that it squashes everything flat, but that can be easily remedied by shoving a book or so at the corner as a makeshift wedge so the lid doesn’t come down fully.


Next it was off to adjusting the contrast (higher, so that the shadows could be seen), increasing saturation for the Reds, making the colours richer and then adding the text in PS (which decided to behaved itself for awhile). Had to crop quite a fair bit off as well.


Click to view larger size

Things I would change now if I could:

  • The date, “April 4”, spelt out with the threads is not clear. Perhaps should have used more contrasting colours.
  • Although visually-pleasing, as a message, it might not have enough symbolic meaning. In other words, there is not enough depth.The question would be: “Where in the images put together behind does it suggest it’s früjch’s last day? Is it relevant?

    (Which makes me wonder, should every advert you do have depth or is it sometimes enough for them to be pretty and attention-grabbing? I know you can say: Great Adverts Have Depth-with-a-Captial-D, but how often does one come up with truly groundbreaking ads? Should ALL adverts be like that?  Would that be too heavy? Do you need normal ads to recognise great ads? I must think. Must retreat into mountain and ponder.)


Things I like about it:

  • Took me only about an hour or two to get everything done. And it was FUN!
  • It’s colourful and I do so like riots of hap-happy colours.
  • I think it brings across the quirkiness and fun of the früjch culture.


…And that was the birth of the last früjch poster!